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    Please refer to our Returns and Cancellations Policy for further information.

  • COVID-19 Message

    COVID-19 has provided significant challenges, but we pleased to say that Furniture Row is operating a safe, non-contact delivery service.

  • What if I see the parcel is damaged when I receive it?

    On the rare occasion that the parcel may have been damaged on transit, do inspect the outside of the parcel before accepting it. If you do see any defects / damage to the parcel then refuse to accept delivery. It will get sent straight back and we’ll replace it for a new one.

  • When will I see my refund?

    If you have cancelled an order prior to items being dispatched refunds are allocated within 3-5 working days. (Full Refund)

    If products are in possession of the couriers at the time of cancellation and no products are accepted by you. It will then return to us and a full refund is issued with 10 working days.

    If you are returning a product. Once the product is back within our possession and return within its original packaging we can issue a refund minus the couriers cost of collection.

  • Why there is a courier collection charge and 15% restock fee?

    At Furniture Row we are committed to providing quality furniture. So much so we pay the cost of delivery. In the even that you change your mind, prefer a different colour etc… couriers will charge for collection which will be passed on to you and deducted from the overall refund. As for the 15% restock charge. If products have been opened and taken out of the box, they will need to put back into place and packaged as new so that the item can be resold. This requires some time an effort from our staff to repackage as new. Please refer to our T&C’s

  • I see there is a one year warranty on your furniture. What does that cover?

    We believe in the quality of our products so much so that each and all our products are covered by a 1 year warranty. What that covers is if there are any issues with your item we will aim to resolve it. All we require is an email with a brief description describing any damages, as well as attaching as many pictures that can best demonstrate the issue. All can be sent to Add your name and order number too.

    We will then assess the information provided and send out parts that can bring your piece of furniture back to life. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by normal wear, moisture damage, heat damage, misuse, or surface imperfections on real wood products. None of the above affects your statutory rights.

  • What if I accept delivery and I notice that there are parts damaged/ missing?

    It can happen sometimes that something is missed like a missing screw, assembly sheet, or maybe a part. If this happens, please email us at adding your name and order number and the parts that are missing and we’ll send them out in the post as soon as possible.

    If part(s) are damaged then email Please add your name and order number. State the damage of the parts and also if you can identify the part(s) code name/number too. If unsure we are happy to assist. Lastly please attach as many photos as you believe that can clear show the damage and part. We will then back to you within 48 hours (working week) and arrange a replacement for the part(s).

  • When Should I Expect My Order?

    We aim to have all orders delivered within 7 working days. Within 3 days of the initial order you will receive a tracking number.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards including MasterCard and Visa (excluding AMEX).

    Our chosen merchant accounts are with Klarna & Paypal.

    Both have great flexible options in deferred payment methods. Pay Later and Pay in 3. Do check them out.


  • When I am checking out why am I asked for my date of birth?

    Klarna is one of our chosen payment options. They have some great options to provide 30 day later options as well as a pay in 3 option. These options are only available for anyone of the age of 18. Which is the reason why the date of birth request is there? Also Klarna are able to validate who you are quite quickly and do a quick credit score to ensure the people are using the deferred payment option are suitable to do so. So remember if you are wanting to spread your costs to add your date of birth.

  • Contact Details

    Our details are as follows:


    Avon House Business Centre

    435 Stratford Road



    B90 4AA

  • Are all your products flat packed?

    A lot of what we have on offer are flat packed products, but not all. The products that are flat packed as stated as ‘Self Assembly’ within the specifications.

     It makes it easier to transport and get to you quicker than made up furniture that can take up to 6-8 weeks with some companies. We aim to get your item to you as fast as possible which typically within 5 working days. All products do come with simple to read assembly instructions.

  • Do you offer an assembly service?

    Unfortunately we cannot provide this service. If products have been labelled flat packed. They have been designed to be easier to transport and built at home. Building products prior to delivery has caused delivery issues such as the size of the item, and also packaging so the item can make it in one piece. It became too much, so its far more efficient to have it delivered within the original packaging.

  • I need some help with designing my room, can you help?

    Absolutely, Interior Design is our thing! If you let us know the room you are looking to design and what is required and use of the room. We are more than happy to help and design a wonderful room using Furniture Row products. Either call, WhatsApp or email us with your enquiry.

  • What is Melamine?

    Advantages of melamine furniture 

    Melamine is a very durable material but is also lightweight and generally costs less than other furniture materials. It can withstand high temperatures, giving it an advantage over wood and other materials such as foil and paper finished board where hot items and spilled liquids are concerned. Melamine is a hard, durable material and does not chip or scratch easily.


    Care of melamine furniture

    To clean the surfaces on melamine furniture, wash with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. Mild dish detergent and warm water will also clean melamine. Rinse with clear water and dry the surface with a fresh soft cloth or paper towels. 


    Production of melamine furniture 

    Many of our collection is made of high quality laminated board, which is characterised by resistance to damage, scratching, high temperatures and humidity. This feature combined with the use of modern technology, certified materials and accessories, and tight quality control systems means that the furniture is extremely durable and retains its elegant look for many years.